(Affinities of the Ainu language of Japan



with Assamese and some other languages)



The Ainu are the aboriginal people of Japan. Their presence there predates the arrival of the primary ancestors of the Japanese people. They show considerable degree of Caucasoid physical features and by their oral traditions they have always differentiated themselves from their Mongoloid neighbours. The Ainu language is till now considered an isolate. Many scholars have tried connecting it with various other linguistic groups or languages starting with Indo-European group, Basque to Amerindian. But no one could do so conclusively and without controversy. This book conclusively links Ainu language to the Indo-European language group through Assamese the eastern most of the Indo-European language affiliates, spoken mainly in the Assam state of India.


It hypothetically puts forward the reality of eastwards migration of Indo-European speaking Caucasoids, migrating east of the eastern frontiers of the Indian subcontinent up to Japan and other parts of north-east Asia and getting mixed up with other races preinhabiting these lands. The Ainu people and their language is being projected as a product of such fusion.



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